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WA 'Top Three' grads recognized

Wayne Academy’s “Top Three” graduates for the 2018-2019 academic year were announced during ceremonies held recently at Jaguar Gymnasium in front of the high school student body. These students were chosen for the end-of-year accolades based upon their academic standing.

Among the honorees were Valedictorian Rebekah Clark, Salutatorian Rylee Brabham and Historian Lia Britton.

The valedictorian is the WA student with the highest numerical average while the salutatorian has the second highest numerical average and the historian has the third highest numerical average. Other criteria for selection include completing a minimum of 24 Carnegie units to include four math, four English, four social studies and four sciences in an accredited high school; the student must have completed ninth through 12th grades at WA; only grades of major academic subjects will be figured into the grade-point average; major subjects must include Pre-Calculus, Advanced English, Chemistry, Physics and two years of a foreign language.

The three students will each deliver addresses during the commencement ceremonies planned at WA in May.