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WA 2019 Who's Who announcements made

The Wayne Academy student body has selected its Who’s Who choices for the 2018-2019 academic year. Who’s Who is a coveted program that allows students to voice who they feel are among the best and most influential in various categories among the WA family.

Among those selected for this year’s honors were:


Most School Spirit -- Ivana Bishop and Hunter Bishop

Most Dependable -- Molly Doss and Will Hodo

Most Athletic -- Ashton Stanley and Jared Loper

Best Dressed -- Rylee Brabham and Chance Newsome

Friendliest -- Dani Henderson and Ryan Miller

Most Likely to Suceed -- Dani Henderson and Ryan Miller


Best School Citizen -- Chloe Thomas and Blaze Beasley

Best School Spirit -- Ella Kate Walley, Karalyne Tynes and Walker Hall

Best All Around -- Chloe Thomas and Walker Hall