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Draft program to be offered for tuition payments

Wayne Academy has announced plans to create a new way for tuition to be paid in the near future -- through monthly bank drafts.

In a letter to WA families, Headmaster Charles Hoots and Business Secretary Linda Jordan announced the forthcoming program as a means of simplifying educational payments to the school and eliminating the need for writing paper checks.

"We are working with First State Bank to develop a monthly draft program that will permit (families) to pay tuition installments monthly by using a bank draft," Hoots said. "Like current tuition, this draft would be payable the first of every month."

Hoots said a one-page enrollment form is available in the school office for parents interested in the new bank draft feature, which will be available in the very near future. The form, once completed by participating families, will need to be returned to school so that the bank draft process can proceed for enrolled families.

"While we enjoy seeing our patrons, we feel that this program will benefit both the school and its families by making it more convenient and less time consuming to make tuition payments," Hoots continued. "The beauty of this plan is that your payment is secure, always on time and does not have to be made in person during regular (school) hours."

For additional information related to the bank draft offering, contact the school office at 601-735-2921. 

Sean Dunlap