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Subject area and academic awards presented

Wayne Academy seventh through twelfth grade students were recognized during the annual Honors Day convocation in Jaguar Gymnasium on Thursday, May 10. 

Here is a listing of awards presented during the on-campus gathering:

Dixie Electric Youth Leadership awards -- Rylee Brabham, Dane Deas and Dani Henderson.

Rotary Club subject awards -- (SEVENTH GRADE) Hollie McRae, English; Chloe Thomas, mathematics; Chipper Giles, reading; Raven Seawright, science; and Sam Cook, social studies. (EIGHTH GRADE) Ashlyn Henderson, English; Brock Brabham, mathematics; Alyssa West, reading; Kadin Johnston, science; and David Farrior, social studies. 

Rotary 100 percent awards -- (NINTH GRADE) Will Hodo; (TENTH GRADE) Parker Odom; (ELEVENTH GRADE) Hannah Burke; (TWELFTH GRADE) Bo Henderson.

Perfect attendance -- Hannah Burke, Rylee Brabham, Dane Deas, Connor Doby, Neena French, Claire Gordon, Brady Graham, Kadin Johnston, Carson Kelley, Kaleb Kittrell, Mya McLain, Reagan McLeod, Hollie McRae, Heidi Odom, Jalin Phillips, Abney Grace Pittman, Zander Pitts, Jennifer Shirley, Collin Trigg, Kody Walker, CoCo Walley, Austin West and Brianna Williams.

Best of Class at Overall MAIS State Science Fair -- Lia Britton.

Headmaster Service Award -- Jared Doby.

Subject/Class Awards

Justin Ainsworth's U.S. History -- Tanner Manning and Michael Watson.

Justin Ainsworth's World History -- Logan White, Madison Rigney and Ashton Stanley.

Tera Britton's Bible I -- Macie Pickering and Parker Odom.

Tera Britton's Bible II -- Andrew Loper and CoCo Walley.

Deana Burn's Accelerated Algebra I -- Kadin Johnston and Brock Brabham.

Deana Burn's Geometry -- Jared Doby and Samuel Chapman.

Deana Burn's Algebra I -- Brittany Evans.

Deana Burn's Algebra II -- Geniah Warsham.

Deana Burn's Senior Math -- Leah Walters.

Dianna Byrd's Accelerated English IV -- Laken Hancock.

Dianna Byrd's English IV -- Leah Walters.

Dianna Byrd's Speech -- Harrison Daws.

Dianna Byrd's Drama -- Macon Carlisle.

Dianna Byrd's Creative Writing -- Seth Roberson and Leah Walters.

Amanda Coxwell's Eighth Grade History -- Brock Brabham.

Forrest Daws' Mississippi Studies -- Jennifer Shirley, Brenleigh Bosarge, Abney Grace Pittman and Jared Doby.

Forrest Daws' Civics -- Jennifer Shirley, Zachary Cartwright and Jared Doby.

Forrest Daws' Economics -- Laken Hancock and Casey Little.

Forrest Daws' AP U.S. History -- Rylee Brabham.

Forrest Daws' AP Government and Politics -- Laken Hancock.

Leslie Delgado's Spanish I -- Mya McLain, Parker Odom, Kayleigh Fagan, Macie Pickering and Ashton Stanley.

Leslie Delgado's Spanish II -- Rebekah Clark and Josias Reyes.

Leslie Delgado's Exploratory Spanish -- Brock Brabham, Kadin Johnston, Ashlyn Henderson and Alyssa West.

Sean Dunlap's Sociology -- Jalin Phillips and Michael Watson.

Sean Dunlap's Website Design -- Kristyn Scarbourgh and Zachary Cartwright.

India Graham's History -- Chloe Thomas and Chipper Giles.

India Graham's Science -- Chloe Thomas, Hollie McRae and Kadin Johnston.

Shirley Hendricks' World History -- Parker Odom and Mya McLain.

Shirley Hendricks' Leadership (boys) -- Cross Kittrell and Will Hodo.

Shirley Hendricks' Economics -- Leah Walters and Kaylee Davis.

Shirley Hendricks' Fine Arts Survey -- Skylar Wise.

Stephanie Hodo's English I -- Will Hodo, Taylor Pittman and Brenleigh Bosarge.

Stephanie Hodo's English II -- Mya McLain and Ashton Stanley.

Stephanie Hodo's English III -- Rebekah Clark and Kaleb Brewer.

Susan Johnston's Biology I -- Jared Doby and Jennifer Shirley.

Susan Johnston's Biology II -- Mya McLain and Ashton Stanley.

Susan Johnston's Anatomy and Physiology -- Leah Walters, Kaylee Davis, Cadin Humphrey and Laken Hancock.

Jarrod Jordan's Goverment -- Kelsey Lassiter and Savannah Griffin.

Heidi Leggett's Accelerated Geometry -- Will Hodo and Jennifer Shirley.

Heidi Leggett's Accelerated Algebra II -- Parker Odom, Mya McLain, Rylee Brabham and Rebekah Clark.

Heidi Leggett's Pre-Calculus -- Laken Hancock.

Britton Little's Keyboarding -- Cross Kittrell and Jada Busby.

Britton Little's Computer Applications -- Lexi Pitts and Casey Little.

Britton Little's Seventh Grade Computer -- Chloe Thomas.

Britton Little's Yearbook -- Claire Miller.

Sammie Jean McLeod's Seventh Grade Reading -- Chipper Giles, Hollie McRae and Chloe Thomas.

Sammie Jean McLeod's Seventh Grade English -- Chloe Thomas, Hollie McRae, Chipper Giles and Reagan McLeod.

Sammie Jean McLeod's Eighth Grade Reading -- Ashlyn Henderson, Kadin Johnson and Brock Brabham.

Sammie Jean McLeod's Eight Grade English -- Ashlyn Henderson, Brock Brabham and Kadin Johnston.

Tanya Walker's Seventh Grade Math -- Conner Doby and Chipper Giles.

Rebecca Williams' Physics -- Laken Hancock.

Rebecca Williams' Chemistry -- Rebekah Clark.