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The Wayne Academy Baseball Booster Club is hosting its "10 Guns In 10 Days" give-away beginning Monday, May 7. Each day, over the course of 10 days, a winner will be selected and posted on this page for a variety of guns that will be given away. Those who win will be contacted by the Booster Club and will be given information as to how their prizes can be obtained. Our list of winners include:

Monday, May 7 -- Johnny Jackson of Enterprise.

Tuesday, May 8 -- J.B. Froust of Louisiana.

Wednesday, May 9 -- Lynn Buckalew of Waynesboro.

Thursday, May 10 -- Terry Clanton of Waynesboro.

Friday, May 11 -- Jason Moseley of Buckatunna.

Monday, May 14 -- Billy Wayne Bunch of Waynesboro.

Tuesday, May 15 -- Terry Clanton of Waynesboro.

Wednesday, May 16 -- Terance Jordan of Waynesboro.

Thursday, May 17 -- John Walker of Waynesboro.

Friday, May 18 -- Mickey Watson of Quitman.