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WA starting Clarke County bus service

Wayne Academy has announced it will begin a bus transportation service for students in neighboring Clarke County beginning with the start of the 2018-2018 academic year.

Headmaster Charles Hoots said the Wayne County School Foundation's Board of Directors approved the purchase of a bus to transport new and existing students to and from the Clarke County area this fall. "We have several kids coming from the Quitman and Shubuta areas, and other families have expressed an interest in attending Wayne Academy," he noted.

"One of the issues families in that area have is that they work in Meridian and Wayne Academy is in the opposite direction. That makes it difficult for them to provide transportation for their children to our school. Now, with the bus being purchased, we can offer those students the transportation needed."

Hoots said offering the service should help school enrollment increase in the future.

-- Courtesy: The Wayne County News

Sean Dunlap