• The Wayne County School Foundation's Board of Trustees, Wayne Academy's oversight board, has set the following policies for the operation of the school.

    1) It is the policy of the Wayne County School Foundation's Board of Trustees to consider all school business at the meetings of the board so as to avoid commitment to individuals or groups that might tend to hamper or prejudice their decision when the matter finally comes before the official board for action.

    2) The board will hold the headmaster responsible for the discipline of the school, and will not consider individual complaints or recommendations that have not been presented to the headmaster for consideration.

    3) Instruction and direction to school employees must come through the headmaster and not from individual members of the board.

    4) It is the duty of the headmaster to recommend personnel and to make nominations for appointments, and it is the duty of the board whether to accept or to reject the headmaster's nominations.

    5) Individual members of the board will not consider an application made to them by individuals, but will refer applications to the headmaster.

    6) It is the duty of the board to keep in as close touch as possible with the actual work of the school, requiring such reports from the headmaster relative to the physical and instructional work of the school as they deem necessary.

    7) The majority action of the board on a given issue becomes the policy of the entire board until such time as the question is again raised at board meetings for further consideration. The board members pledge themselves individually and as a group to support the action of the board.

    8) It is the policy of the board to adopt a program of adequate maintenance to buildings, grounds and equipment to prevent depreciation of school property.

    9) The budget for the operation of the school shall be prepared by the officers of the board and headmaster, and presented to the Wayne County School Foundation for its approval, or if disapproved by the board, amendments or changes made, and then acted upon for final approval.