The Wayne Academy Board of Trustees prefers tuition be paid by the first of each month. Tuition is due 12 months of the year. All tuition and fees must be paid at the end of each semester. If, for some reason, a student reaches the end of a nine-weeks term of a semester without the appropriate fees having been paid, then no final grades or semester examination will be given to the student. Monthly statements concerning tuition WILL NOT be mailed. Your statement may be sent via electronic mail if your correct e-mail address is on file with the office. Any balance must be current before starting the school year in August.

    NOTE: Release of any report cards, cumulative records and/or transcripts is dependent on all fees (tuition, lost book fees, etc.) being paid in full through the office. No exams (nine weeks or semester) will be given until all tuition and fees are current.


    A registration fee shall be paid for each student upon enrollment in Wayne Academy. The amount is determined yearly by the Board of Trustees. This fee must be paid prior to acceptance of a student at Wayne Academy. Book, workbook, art, testing fees and lab fees are determined by grade requirements. A drug-testing fee is assessed to students in grades seven through 12.


    No refund will be given on any fees, but at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, refunds may be made on unused tuition on a prorated basis.