Wayne Academy Board of Trustees and oversight


    Wayne Academy was chartered in 1970 and is located in Waynesboro, Mississippi. Our school consists of grades kindergarten through 12, and a pre-school center on campus provides daily care for children between the ages of 3 and 4. Our goal is to provide a top-quality education to each student in a professional learning environment through qualified teachers, outstanding facilities and the most modern curriculum and tools available.

    Wayne Academy is a nonprofit organization that is governed by an elected board of trustees with each of the nine members serving a five-year term of office. The board members are elected by the members of the Wayne County School Foundation at the annual fall meeting, traditionally held each September.

    Prospective members of the Foundation become members upon approval by the Board of Trustees and upon receipt of a $200 membership fee. An annual fee, to be determined by the board (presently set at $20) is paid in order for each Foundation member to be eligible to participate in the annual business meeting and to vote on the election of the trustees. Voting by proxy is not permitted, and only the named member of the Foundation will be allowed to vote. The Board of Trustees meet monthly.

    Present members of the Wayne County School Foundation Board of Trustees include:

    Mr. Jerry Kelley, chairman of the board

    Mr. Mark Gordon, vice chairman of the board

    Mr. Matt Hall

    Mr. Sparky Burke

    Mr. Harrison "Squirt" Cooke Jr.

    Ms. Casey Dearman

    Ms. Peyton Lowery

    Mr. Chris Odom

    Mr. Jay Tynes

    Matters related to the day-to-day operations of the school, planned meetings of the board and directing queries to the panel for consideration should first be directed through Wayne Academy Headmaster Charles Hoots by calling 601-735-2921 during school hours or contact him via email at choots@wayneacademy.net.