• The Wayne Academy administration strives daily to maintain and expand the school's overall quality of life -- both in the classroom and through involvement in extracurricular activities. Administrators maintain a good working relationship with teachers, personnel, parents and community supporters to ensure communication and shared goals for all stakeholders.

    The headmaster serves as the day-to-day administrator of the campus. The headmaster also complies with and implements the rules, policies and procedures established by the Wayne County School Foundation, WA's board of directors.

    * Charles Hoots is the WA Headmaster.

    The administrative staff works diligently to support the mission of the school and carry out the work of and assignments deemed necessary by the headmaster. Responsibilities are distributed in several areas:

    * Heidi Leggett oversees high school operations (seventh through 12th grades) while serving as assistant headmaster and mathematics instructor.

    * Susie Kelley oversees elementary school operations and serves as campus programs and activities coordinator.

    * Kaye Bishop is the administrative secretary for the school.

    * Linda Jordan is the financial secretary for the school.

    * Kim Mangum is the front desk secretary for the school.

    * Angie Schubert serves as Wayne Academy's student academic counselor.

    * Christie Lopez serves as WA's Cooper-Wood Day Care Center director.

    To contact our school administrators, please call us at 601-735-2921 during school hours or email us at