School Philosophy


    The administration, faculty, parents, students and supporters of Wayne Academy believe the purpose of our school is to help each student realize his or her potential to the extent permitted by each student’s abilities, interests, aptitudes and varying needs. 

    In accordance with this belief, Wayne Academy also acknowledges the diversity of social and economic backgrounds and the physical condition of its students.

    The school further believes it is a privilege, as well as a responsibility, to join with homes, churches and the community in the physical, mental, social and spiritual growth of each student. This process of development is encouraged by helping students learn how to think, rather than being told what to think. Although Wayne Academy primarily stresses mental growth, students are encouraged to participate in non-academic, as well as academic events. Participation in these programs is encouraged so that students will be able to function more effectively in our changing world.

    The relationship between the administration and teachers is one of mutual cooperation and respect characterized by a friendly spirit. There is also an effort toward a working relationship between other related school personnel, such as school board members and members of supportive organizations. 

    In addition, Wayne Academy believes that there must be mutual respect between students and teachers.

    The success of a school is determined by the success of its students. If both students and teachers avail themselves of their educational opportunities and fulfill their obligations to themselves, the school, and the community, in social, economic, and spiritual way, then the school will have fulfilled its purposes.

    Wayne Academy is a faith-based, non-denominational Christian school that practices and promotes the principles of a Judeo-Christian based society. The curriculum used in our elementary school is part of the ABKEA initiative, which uses Biblical based materials and integrates this material into the core subject areas.

    Every day, all grade levels at Wayne Academy stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the Lord's Prayer, which is prayed in unison in each classroom. A non-denominational prayer is offered at all activities of the school, including sporting events, open houses and family gatherings. The playing of the National Anthem occurs at all sporting events and audience members are asked to honor the Anthem by standing quietly. Men are asked to remove their head covers.

    Any student -- without regard to race, sex or nationality -- that professes a belief in God and whose personal religious philosophy supports the tenants of Christianity, and who is willing to show his or her support for the United States through the participation of standing for the National Anthem and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance is welcome to apply for admission.

    Students need to understand that at Wayne Academy there is a school-wide expectation that, if accepted for admission, all students will participate in the daily opening exercises, stand for the National Anthem and attend and respectfully participate in all schedule devotions and other required meeting and ceremonies that may include prayers, devotions and other exercises that are non-denominational in nature.

    Wayne Academy reserves the right to reject the admission of any student that does not agree to the above conditions or whose parents will not allow that perspective student to abide by these expectations.

    For K5 through 12th grade enrollment information, contact the school office at 601-735-2921. For day care enrollment details, call 601-735-1249. You can also email us at